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[News] Growing Export Performance
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July 14, 2011-Targeting new technologies and investments

One of the main indicators of economic stability is attracting foreign investment. Uzbekistan has all the necessary conditions for attracting foreign investors who enjoy numerous privileges and preferences. A striking example is Namangan region.

Today there are more than 50 enterprises with foreign capital operating in the region. Forty two of them specialize in industrial production, 3 in sales and services, another 3 in agricultural processing, 4 in the telecommunications sector, two companies engaged in production of building materials and one pharmaceutical company. In the first quarter of this year they produced 35.9 billion soums of products, 126.4% against the same period last year. Joint ventures accounted for 16.2% of total industrial output and 59% exports of the region.

Nestle Uzbekistan, organized jointly with the Swiss partners, is one of the enterprises standing firmly on the road of development and making a worthy contribution to our economy.

On the basis of the government resolution on the establishment of the Uzbek-Swiss joint venture Nestle Uzbekistan, the JV had drawn $30 million of foreign investments ahead of schedule and in 2002 launched production of baby food, dairy products, as well as clean drinking water enriched with micronutrients.

The company’s products, which is the only such in Central Asia, has taken a strong position in the domestic and export markets with its high quality. This played an important role in the annual growth in production volumes. If in the first year the company manufactured products for 7 billion soums, in 2010 the figure reached 59 billion soums. And this year the joint venture plans to bring it to 80 billion soums.

The company pays great attention to expansion of exports, including in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. Last year, exports realized $3.2 million, In the first four months of this year exports had totaled $2.2 million by the end of the year the company expects it to exceed $10 million.

In the past five years Nestle has additionally invested $1 million in the development of Namangan enterprise. In addition, the company takes steps to further develop and enhance the production facilities, in particular baby food. In the early years the company was annually producing 90 tons of baby food, in 2010 produced 600 tons for domestic and export markets, and this year is planning to produce 900 tons of child food. Such growth rate, in turn, speaks of the increasing demand for these products.

“Our company can process 140 tons of milk a day,” says Abrorjon Mahkamov, head of agricultural department at Nestle Uzbekistan. “We have 45 refrigerator points in the region where we buy milk from local population and farmers. We pay for the milk basing on its fat content and quality to bank account or on plastic cards. To secure the cooperation with suppliers we use prepayment system. This encourages them more.”

Indeed, if in the first years the company was buying 7,000 tons of milk a year; today it buys 16 thousand tons. In addition, it has agreements with livestock farmers. However, this is not enough to load the enterprise at full capacity.

The joint venture in Namangan currently employs 250 people and is taking steps to attract qualified professionals. Based on the agreement signed between the government of Uzbekistan and the Swiss Confederation on the second phase of the project Skills Development in Uzbekistan, the company provides practical training to students of Namangan regional professional college of consumer services which is also involved in the Uzbek-Swiss project.